Vera is an advanced artificial intelligence agent that can directly resolve customer issues in real time across multiple channels.

Hello Vera offers advanced AI customer service across multiple channels including chat, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. With fully automated artificial intelligence, Vera can swiftly resolve customer issues without hiring a full customer service center.

See how Vera can help your business scale

AI Customer Service

Get the best AI customer service at a fraction of the cost of traditional agents

Hello Vera’s artificial intelligence technology can provide the high-end quality customer service that your company needs.

Reliable and continuous learning improves responses

No more robotic gibberish. Vera uses real language to resolve customer issues swiftly and constantly improves as it gathers more experience.

AI Customer Service

Hello Vera easily scales your customer service team instantly

Hello Vera’s AI customer service is available 24/7 and works even when your team is asleep. Even better, it will adjust to meet increased demand automatically.

“This AI looks the best I have seen so far.”

Alon Cohen, CTO,

Improved customer service

Vera is fully customizable to produce automated responses that resemble your brand, and it delivers consistent and reliable customer experiences.

Fraction of the cost

Vera costs a fraction of traditional agents while it can serve thousands of customers simultaneously 24x7.

Reduced response time

Instead of making customers wait for hours or even days for a response, Vera can produce answers to customers questions in real time which reduces their frustration.

“At first we were skeptical about how AI can improve our customer service operation, but we got completely blown away by Vera’s performance. It was able to handle all of the most common customer service requests flawlessly. As a fast growing enterprise with hundreds of human agents, that’s a huge game changer.”

Ning Zuo, VP of Engineering,