Our Inspiration

We believe that all customers deserve to be understood and their questions answered in real-time. No customer should ever be put on hold.

Our Story

You go to a website and you have a question. “Great!”, you think, “There is a chat icon there, I can get an answer straight away!”. You start chatting, but then you are told, “No one is here right now. We normally get back to you in a couple of hours, add your email”. Annoying, but you give them your email address. 2 days later, you get a reply email. Then you have four exchanges via email for two more days. This is taking forever; all you wanted was a simple, immediate answer!

We hate queues. Queues indicate that companies do not value their customer’s time. In a world where any general answer takes a two second Google search to find, we are surprised how difficult it is for companies to give their customer’s immediate answers? We thought, enough! And so we created Vera, the world’s most advanced customer service artificial intelligence agent, Vera. Vera will never make your customers queue and will always respond within 2 seconds.

Founded by a team of world renowned AI researchers, Hello Vera’s goal is to help companies eliminate response delays through customer service artificial intelligence technology. Vera is unlike any other “chatbot” you may have interacted with in the past. Vera can change responses based on the customer’s emotion, learns rapidly and can handle any number of conversation threads. Vera can learn from your existing Knowledge Base and we do all of the setup for you.

Never let your customer wait for an answer again, schedule a demo today.

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