How Hello Vera can benefit your bottom line

Interactive Customer Experience

Unlike simplistic FAQ chatbots, Vera’s Customer Service AI can answer questions and gather additional information to engage your users with tailored, informative responses. Customers respond again and again that interacting with Vera is a great experience.

Consistent and reliable 24/7

Rest assured knowing that Vera is on the job at all times to assist. It doesn’t matter the time. Vera will never be too busy to answer and can work under pressure. You can count on Vera to provide the same great consistent and accurate information.

Customer Service AI

Omnichannel Customer Service AI

 Customers expect to be able to reach you across multiple channels. That is why Vera can easily integrate with any channel including Facebook messenger, web chat, email and Slack. Hello Vera’s Customer Service AI is truly an omnichannel solution.

Represents & Strengthens Your Brand

Increase engagement with customized automated responses to resemble your brand and deliver that same value to your customer service. Setting Vera to use the tone and style of your brand, means brand consistency across channels.

Our Customer Service AI

Easy To Use Customer Service AI

Get set up in a day!  Unlike many AI solutions, Hello Vera prides itself on fast implementation. You can be up and running with no expensive consultants needed.

Machine learning for improved responses

Hello Vera uses advanced artificial intelligence to continually learn from previous closed tickets. Over time, the accuracy of responses will improve greatly.


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