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AI Chatbots That Understand Customer Emotion
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Hello Vera Web Chat

AI Chatbots That Understand Customer Emotion
The World’s Most Advanced AI Chatbots
Most AI chatbots are very limited and leave customers feeling frustrated. Hello Vera’s chatbots uses advanced AI technology covered by pending patents. Unlike other AI Chatbots, Vera learns quickly on small datasets. Vera constantly assesses your customer’s emotion and can alter responses if the customer becomes upset. Vera has also been trained to work in multiple languages.

24/7 Support At A Fraction of The Price


The best part of AI chatbots are their 24/7 availability. Vera never sleeps and is always available to your customers at a fraction of the price of traditional human agents. Whether it is 4am with a handful or queries or there is a service outage with millions of frustrated customers, Vera is built to scale instantly to handle any issue.
Quick and Easy Knowledge
Base Extraction
Vera performs best with access to the great answers in your Knowledge Base. For most AI chatbot companies, this means months of back and forth to extract the data. At Hello Vera we understand that Knowledge Bases lie in many different places including historical transcripts, FAQ web pages and CRM systems. That is why we have made it easy to extract a Knowledge Bases from any source, with typical extraction and processing taking less than a day.
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